For the next little while, I am going to be looking into the concepts and theories of “Posthumanism”.  Basically, what I am looking into is the mergence of humans and machines.  This goes beyond using apps or other tools to improve learning or behavior.  I am specifically wanting to explore the actual merging of humans and machines; something akin to the creation of what we would call cyborgs, or cybernetic organisms.

We have seen in Hollywood productions examples of this mergence in films such as Robocop and The Terminator.  I would like my focus to go beyond that and look into how this new technology can not only influence our lives but how we can use new and better technology to improve our educational systems from kindergarten to post-graduate.

I have included here a short video about Posthumanism.  Just try and watch it without judgement, although I think each of us already comes into this arena of the future with certain biases that transcend morality, ethics and even religious attitudes and paradigms.

Let’s just see where this road may be taking us and see what happens.