Traditionally, a bistro is a café that offers a menu of specialized food and drinks. They tend to be smaller, cozier, and more “intimate” than full-fledged restaurants.  

The “Martian” part of it is where we will enjoy reading and discussing ideas in the world of education that may be out of this world or at least “outside the box” of traditional or standard pedagogy in terms of best practcies. The “Bistro” part is designed for blogging and discussion that is to our minds and souls, what food is to our physical bodies. 

In particular, one area of interest may be the discussion of how new technologies may be introduced into schools and educational institutions.  We are in another Industrial Revolution, one that encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual Realities and the immersion of all kinds of technologies into our classrooms.  And not just in the traditional classroom, but home learning and distance education.  Education is in the middle and on the cusp of revolution.  Where are we, as Educators, going to fit into that revolution?